A breakpoint is a location you mark in your program where you want the program to pause during a debugging session. Once the program has been paused, you can examine the state of the VM at an exact point in execution.

You can have any number of breakpoints active at the same time and it will not impair execution speed, however, each must be set to a different address.

The Breakpoint List

Context Menu

You can create a breakpoint in a number of ways:

The first two methods will display the Breakpoint Properties dialog, which will allow you to configure the breakpoint. The second two methods are designed mainly for quick breakpoints and are set with a pass count of zero, to stop execution. These quick breakpoints can still be edited in the Breakpoint list for added flexibility.

The condition is an expression which is only used when all of the other criteria for a breakpoint have been met. If it is left blank, its assumed to be True.
The Breakpoint Properties Dialog
The pass count is a minimum number of times the breakpoint address must be reached before the breakpoint action can be carried out.

Breakpoints can leave a message in the log and/or halt program execution. Both can be useful in many different debugging scenarios.

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