Source level debugging with Mappy VM

The source debugger is still in alpha stages, but it is now stable enough for general use. To enable the source level debugger, you must load .ELF files into Mappy VM instead of the usual flattened binary images.

It is also a good idea to turn optimizations down to the lowest level. GCC at -O3 in particular generates very poor debugging data.

Clicking on a blue dot in the margin will toggle a source code breakpoint for that line. Dots indicate lines that contributed code to the final binary, some lines that you would expect a dot to appear on may not have them, if the compiler optimized that code away.

Both the watches and the evaluate / modify dialog are capable of inspecting variables in the current scope. The evaluate / modify dialog has a button that will display all of the variables currently in scope, and can be accessed from the Run menu of the main Mappy VM window, or using the hotkey Ctrl+F7.

Source Debugger

Please note that the variable viewer in the lower right is incomplete, and the class view is disabled due to stability issues. These will be rectified soon.

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