If you want to monitor the value of a variable or expression while you debug your code, add a watch to the Watch List. The Watch List window displays the current value of the watch expression based on the scope of the execution point. Once per frame, or after each single cycle step, the debugger evaluates all the items listed in the Watch List and updates their displayed values.

The Watch List

You can set a watch expression using the Run..Add Watch menu item, or by right-clicking within the Watch List. Either method will display the Watch Properties dialog, which will allow you to configure the watch. ou can also set a watch and specify its properties on the Watch Properties dialog box.

The context menu in the Watch List

The Watch Properties Dialog

Currently, watches are interpreted as expressions which will return an address. A few examples of useful watches are:

For more information on the expression syntax Mappy VM uses, see the help page for expressions.

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