Practice Poker

Practice Poker is our final project for the Software Engineering class at the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Practice poker is designed to teach students how to play Five card draw poker (without the gambling aspect), using a standard deck of 52 cards.

A list of a few of the many interesting features of Practice Poker is given below:
  • Advice mode - provides you with information about potential hands such as four sequential cards forming an outside straight
  • X-Ray vision mode - allows a player to see the cards each AI player holds
  • One to three computer players with personalized names
  • User selectable number of rounds to play
  • User selectable card backgrounds
  • Rules reference screen - shows a brief summary of the rules for five card draw poker
  • Odds reference screen - shows the odds of improving a given hand by discarding cards
  • Glossary reference screen - shows a glossary of poker and card playing terminology


You can download the demo by clicking right here.

Practice Poker is Copyright (C) 2003 by
  • Yaser Alnarni
  • Antwinette Avery
  • Marirel Hadad
  • John Mowrey
  • Michael Noland

Screen shots